A durable solution for yard construction


Foamit foam glass aggregate is ideally suited for yard structures. Construction is quick and easy, and no special tools are required.

Foamit can be used to make all lower structural layers that will have a load-bearing layer and a wearing course.

The Foamit structural layer combines light weight, thermal insulation and load-bearing capacity. This gives rise to clear savings for builders. Working time can be saved by implementing structures using a single material. Material savings arise when there is less raw material arriving at and departing from the worksite.

New construction is increasingly taking place on poor subsoils, leading to subsidence and frost heave. The infills outside a house can sometimes weigh as much as a small house itself, and this is often overlooked. The stresses exerted by subsidence may damage pipelines and other yard structures. Problems like these can be prevented by carefully planning the lightening structures and choosing the right materials.

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