Foam glass aggregate is suitable for use on municipal engineering sites


Thanks to its load-bearing capacity, light weight and thermal insulation properties, Foamit foam glass aggregate is highly suitable for use on construction sites that call for municipal engineering.

Foam glass aggregate structures are easy to shape according to the application, and the same tools can be used for construction as with gravel structures.

Excavated pipe trenches, Foamit can be used as an infill material and as frostproofing. The material’s thermal insulation properties enable pipes to be installed closer to the top surface of the structure, reducing the excavation depth, the amount of excavated soil and the need to support excavated trenches.

On renovation sites where subsidence is occurring, Foamit aggregate can be used to lighten the weight of the infill layer above the pipes.

Foam glass aggregate’s high angle of repose is an advantage when structures are being repaired. Structures made with Foamit aggregate will not collapse a long distance into an excavated trench, and the same material can be used for infill.

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