Foamit’s Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

A thorough understanding of environmental impacts is the first step towards achieving strategic environmental objectives. Foamit Group is also open about its products’ environmental effects to help customers and stakeholders in their business development and environmental communications.

An important part of our transparent communications is Foamit’s foam glass environmental declaration, or EPD (Environmental Product Declaration).  It covers all four Foamit Group factories in Finland, Sweden and Norway.

The Foamit EPD and its underlying life cycle analysis have been prepared by Lavola – Anthesis Group, and verified by TECNALIA R&I Certificación S.L.

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Foamit’s carbon footprint

37,89 kg CO2 eq. / m3

Foamit’s life cycle carbon footprint is a calculated average of
Foamit Group’s four production plants in
Finland, Sweden and Norway.

Uusioaines Forssa, Finland
58,93 kg CO2 eq. / m3

Glasopor Skjåk, Norway
12,90 kg CO2 eq. / m3

Glasopor Onsøy, Norway
46,51 kg CO2 eq. / m3

Hasopor Hammar, Sweden
18,51 kg CO2 eq. / m3

An EPD is an objective statement of the environmental impact of a product

EPD is internationally standardized, and a trustworthy way to gather and share information about a product’s environmental effects throughout its life cycle. The EPD document is produced transparently and third-party verified. It contains researched, accurate and comparable data on emissions, resource use and environmental impacts.

The EPD is based on a life cycle assessment (LCA), which identifies the biggest environmental impacts of a product’s materials and processes. Foamit Group also uses life cycle analysis as a basis for prioritizing product and process development measures.

Life cycle analysis is guided by Product Category Rules (PCR), which define, for example, which life cycle stages should be taken into account in the analysis.  Foamit’s EPD includes the following modules:

A1: Raw material supply
A2: Transport of the raw materials
A3: Manufacturing of foam glass aggregate
C1–C4: End of life stage
D: Benefits and loads beyond the system boundary

The EPD is in effect for five years and is publicly visible, as well as downloadable, from a global registry maintained by the EPD organization Environdec. You can find a wealth of related information and materials from its website, including answers to frequently asked questions concerning EPD.

Excerpt from the Foamit EPD

Foamit’s environmental declaration examines the environmental impacts of foam glass from the beginning to the end of its life cycle. The presented figures are based on averages calculated with data from Foamit Group’s four production plants.

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