Insulating material

A versatile aggregate for building construction

Foamit aggregate is the lightest lightening material in its class, and also works as a thermal insulator. 

Foam glass granules have a fractured and frictional surface, meaning the aggregate stacks better than expanded clay. A frictional surface enables faster handling at the worksite, reducing labor costs. Foamit, with the lowest specific gravity in its class, can also reduce structural stress. 

Applications for foam glass aggregate include all types of building foundation methods, inner infills, rooftop structures, flat-roofed rooftop infills, slopes of flat roofs, frost protection, courtyard surfaces, and backfills. 

Aggregate granules for building construction are stored in a factory within an asphalted and weather-protected area, so no water or organic matter enters the product. On its own, Foamit’s composition includes no organic matter or sulphur. 

Foamit is 100% produced from recycled materials and has a low carbon footprint. Foamit is approved in the Nordic Ecolabel product database and can be used in Joutsen-labelled buildings. 

Foamit aggregate for building construction 

  • Reduces structural stress due to a low specific gravity 
  • Remains stacked in place thanks to its frictional surface 
  • Strong load-bearing capacity when compacted 
  • Supports bodyweight even while uncompacted 
  • Thermally insulating 
  • Classified as fire class A1 
  • M1 classification 
  • Contains no organic matter or sulphur 
  • Good water conductivity 

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