Insulating material

A versatile aggregate for housebuilding

Foamit aggregate is a lightweight, thermally-insulating and load-bearing material for lightening and insulation.

Foam glass granules have a coarse surface that generates friction and makes the material easier to pile up than lightweight gravel. The aggregate is quick and easy to handle. The stresses acting on structures can be reduced thanks to Foamit’s low specific weight.

Foam glass aggregate applications include all types of building foundations, internal infills, roof structures, filling the roof ceiling in flat-roofed buildings, inclines on levelled roofs, frostproofing, yard decks and backfills.

Using the same material throughout different housebuilding phases can reduce the cost of construction.

The small granules intended for housebuilding are stored at the factory in an asphalted area protected from the elements, so no organic material can infiltrate the product.

Foamit aggregate in housebuilding

  • Quick and easy to handle
  • Reduces stresses thanks to its low specific weight
  • Stacks up thanks to its high-friction surface
  • Strong long-bearing capacity when compacted
  • Can carry pedestrian loads when uncompacted
  • Thermally insulating
  • Non-flammable
  • Contains no organic matter
  • Does not promote corrosion
  • Good water conductivity properties
  • Reusable

Foamit – a recycled material – represents the circular economy at its best

The durable and fully recyclable Foamit aggregate material is a sustainable alternative for infrastructure construction and housebuilding.

Foamit foam glass aggregate is manufactured at Uusioaines Oy’s factory in Finland using recycled glass, which is purified using an industrial process. The factory receives old glass, such as car windscreens, plate glass and packaging glass, which is purified and sorted into glass chips of different qualities. These glass chips are used as a raw material in the glass wool and packaging industries, among others. Some of the glass chips are used to make Foamit foam glass at Uusioaines Oy’s production plant.

Using recycled glass as a raw material saves on virgin natural resources. Foamit is proven to have a small carbon footprint (Foamit: 0.31, lightweight gravel: 0.39). A substantial part of the carbon footprint associated the Foamit’s production consists of the logistical costs of importing the crushed glass used to make the foam glass. However, if Foamit were not produced, this type of crushed glass would be sent to landfill in the European countries where foam glass cannot be utilised for construction (due to factors such as hard soil). In addition, no virgin natural resources are used to produce Foamit. For that reason, Foamit has a significantly positive carbon footprint.

Foamit has been awarded the Nordic Ecolabel, and it can be used in buildings bearing the Nordic Swan emblem.

Foamit is also suitable for use in groundwater areas.

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