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Recycling services

Glass waste receiving

The goal of Uusioaines is to help each company find its most fitting way to implement glass recycling. We accept almost all glass waste – and it’s also possible to arrange logistics solutions to collect smaller quantities of glass.

Glass can be delivered directly to the Forssa plant. Smaller windscreens or glass panes can be sent to us, for example, on a wooden pallet as cargo – or delivered to your local waste management company.

Pickup and transport services

We also offer a pallet rental and pick-up service for companies, where we collect and transport your waste glass in transfer lorries. For larger quantities of glass, we can deliver an exchange pallet, whichwe will collect for processing once full.

Ask Vesa Simola, transport coordinator, for more information about our transport services: tel. 040 5826 141 or vesa.simola@uusioaines.fi.

Ask our experts

Vesa Simola
Transport service and coordination
Tel. 040 582 6141

Collectable glass types

Container glass

We receive container glass from industry, waste management and the national collection systems operated by Palpa (Suomen Palautuspakkaus Oy) and Rinki (Suomen Pakkauskierrätys Oy).

Typical container glass:

  • collectible glass bottles
  • non-returnable bottles and jars
  • hospital glass.

Float glass

We receive many different types of float glass from glass factories, glass shops, car repair shops and waste management facilities, among others.

Float glass includes

  • window glass
  • tempered, tinted or painted glass
  • selective or solar control glass
  • clear laminated glass
  • windscreens
  • glass with advertising tape
  • insulated glass elements
  • unmounted windows
  • wooden terrace doors with windows
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