Sustainable and fully recyclable, Foamit is a responsible alternative for infrastructure and building construction.

Foamit foam glass aggregate is produced from recycled glass at Uusioaine Oy’s factory in Finland, which is cleaned and ground up before being expanded in a furnace. 

Foamit contains no organic material. Foam is classified as fire class A1 and does not emit or dissolve into harmful substances under normal use conditions. 

Foamit is approved in the Nordic Ecolabel product database and can be used in Joutsen-labelled buildings. It also fulfils the criteria of the M1 Classification for low-emitting building materials. 

In Foamit production, a significant portion of the carbon footprint consists of the logistical costs of importing the glass aggregate used in the production of foam glass from abroad. However, without the production of Foamit, this type of glass aggregate would end up in landfills in European countries where foam glass aggregate is not used in construction. 

Using recycled glass as a raw material saves virgin natural resources and reduces the product’s carbon footprint. Foamit can be reused in the same way as clean soil or aggregate. 

Studies have been conducted to assess the risk of Foamit foam glass run-off into groundwater basins. According to VTT measurements, published in a risk assessment report (PDF in Finnish), foam glass aggregate can also be used as a lightening material and/or frost insulation in road, street and field structures without a significant risk of groundwater contamination. 

Foamit uses Väre Oy’s green electricity. 

We will soon publish updated EPD data on Foamit’s environmental impact.

Foamit vaahtolasimurske tuotetaan käyttäen vihreää sähköä
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