Foamit foam glass aggregate is a versatile recycled material

Foam glass aggregate is a lightening and insulating material that can be used in a wide range of structural solutions for infrastructure construction and housebuilding.

Foamit® is among the lightest aggregate materials on the market. The material is easy to use and is so lightweight that seven times more Foamit can be transported than rock aggregate.

Foamit is manufactured in Finland from purified recycled glass. The manufacturing process ensures that there is no organic matter in the foam glass. Foam glass is non-flammable and has good water conductivity properties.

Thanks to its foamed cell structure, foam glass aggregate provides excellent thermal insulation. The foam glass aggregate’s flexible settling properties and angle of repose ensure a robust substructure on the worksite.

PropertyFoamit 10Foamit 20Foamit 30Foamit 60
Grain size3–10 mm10–12 mm20–30 mm0–60 mm
Grain shapeCoarse-surfacedCoarse-surfacedCoarse-surfacedCoarse-surfaced
Weight (dry)180 kg/m3190 kg/m3210 kg/m3210 kg/m3
CrushabilityNPD> 0.7 N/mm2> 0.9 N/mm2> 0.9 N/mm2
Thermal conductivity when dry (W/mK)
Fire resistance classNon-flammableNon-flammableNon-flammableNon-flammable
PurityContains no organic matterContains no organic matterContains no organic matterContains no organic matter
Water suction height177 mm104 mm104 mm
Carbon footprint (CO2/kg)0.310.310.310.31
Package sizesLoose aggregate, large sack (m3)Loose aggregate, large sack (m3), small sack (50 l)Loose aggregate, large sack (m3)Loose aggregate, large sack (m3)

Package size: large sack 1 m3. Batches of more than 20 m3 can be delivered in bulk.

Foam glass aggregate has a compactability of 10–25% depending on the application, vibrating compactor weight and number of compaction runs. For compaction on infrastructure sites, we recommended using a tracked vehicle or 200 kg vibrating compactor. On housebuilding sites, we recommend using a 70–200 kg vibrating compactor. With a 70 kg vibrating compactor, Foamit compacts by 5–10%. It is not necessary to compact Foamit in structures designed for only occasional pedestrian use. Compaction is also not required if Foamit is used as a filler and is not required to have any load-bearing capacity.

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