Foam glass

Foam glass is a lightweight aggregate made from purified recycled glass. Foam glass has been used in Europe and Scandinavia for a long time and its positive benefits are widely known; it is environmentally friendly, non-flammable, lightweight and easy to work with.

Foamit foam glass aggregates (FGA)

Foamit foam glass aggregates are ideally suited for applications in housebuilding in a wide variety of structures. Foamit as a bulk fill material is one of the lightest on the market. Benefits of this low density include the ease of compaction of the material and transport efficiency.

Foam glass’s cell structure gives the product uniquely low thermal conductivity (dry about 0.1 W / mK), making it an excellent insulator. Foamit’s easy compaction and angle of friction ensure a stable substructure on site. Foamit is non-combustible and has low capillarity, meaning it can be effective as a moisture- barrier.

Foamit is made up of 99% purified recycled glass. Thanks to the nature of the manufacturing process of Foamit foam glass, there is no organic matter contained in the finished products.


Foamit foam glass’s raw material is recycled glass, which is cleaned and milled before being heated in the furnace. Due to the manufacturing technique, it does not contain organic substances and is non-flammable. It is odourless, inert and does not leach harmful substances in conventional applications. Using recycled glass as a raw material saves virgin natural resources and reduces the carbon footprint. Foamit is reusable and can be upcycled. The risk assessment in our Finnish report shows that the use of Foamit for fill material and / or frost insulation of road, street and field structures will not cause any significant groundwater pollution.

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