Webinar: Foamit foam glass for limecrete floors [February 28]

Join us on the 28th of February for a useful and informative webinar about the advantages of Foamit foam glass aggregates paired with limecrete floors for heritage buildings in the UK.

For older buildings, avoiding dampness build-up in the walls is critical – this’s why it’s important to avoid nonpermeable membranes. Breathable limecrete floors, paired with foam glass, have become a common solution to the problem, creating a well-insulated and free draining solution.

The webinar will be held in English in collaboration with Womersley’s Ltd, a leading provider of traditional, breathable, and natural building materials and paints for restoration projects.


Ian Womersley (Womersley’s)

Henry Rawstorne (Uusioaines)

Samuli Lamppu (Uusioaines)


  • Video presentation (20 minutes) What is a Limecrete Floor?
    • Breathable, insulated and limecrete floors have become quite common in the UK and this webinar will help you understand how to apply a limecrete floor in an old building. The need for ground floors in older buildings to be breathable is essential. 
  • Presentation of reference items
  • Processing of preliminary questions (leave us your question in the registration form)
  • Live Q & A session with Ian Womersley from Womersley’s Ltd, UK, and Uusioaines’ account managers Samuli Lamppu and Henry Rawstorne in Finland.

Time 11.30-12.15 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)/ 13.30-14.15 EET (East European Time)

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