Foamit is suitable for base floor structures and earthworks

Foamit vaahtolasimurske sopii ALAPOHJIIN JA MAANRAKENTAMISEEN

Foamit foam glass aggregate can be used in all types of foundations for housebuilding as an insulating and lightening structure. The aggregate is lightweight and easy to handle thanks to its good stacking qualities.

In buildings with shallow foundations, Foamit aggregate is used for thermal insulation, frost protection, lightening the structure and filling internal areas. Foamit granules also function as capillary breaks in base floor structures at grade.

The internal and external infills of houses build on poor subsoils often weigh as much as the house itself, giving rise to a high risk of subsidence. When exterior infills are conducted and yards are raised, the risk of subsidence is not always adequately considered in the base floor structures of piled houses.

Where the foundations allow for a cellar, foam glass aggregate is an easy way to realise external infills, implementing several construction sections within the same work phase. Foamit functions not only as an infill material but also as insulation against frost and as additional thermal insulation for cellar walls, thereby preventing the ground from heating up. At the same time, Foamit aggregate acts as a subsurface drainage layer.

The soil pressure of a Foamit structure can be 70–90% lower than with a gravel infill, so it may be possible to remove intermediate supports in cellar wall structures made from materials such as light gravel blocks to free up interior space.

A layer of coarse Foamit aggregate in the bottom of a subfloor space can reduce the amount of moisture originating from the soil, particularly when moisture condenses in the early summer.

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