Foamit Group plans investment in low emission manufacturing of foam glass in Norway

Foamit Group has decided to complete an approximately 8–10 million euros investment plan for low emission production of foam glass. The investment into the factory of Foamit Group’s Norwegian subsidiary Glasopor includes two new, efficient and environmentally friendly electricity-run production lines, as well as modernisation of current production lines to run on electricity. Foamit Group’s largest owners Partnera Oyj (ownership 63%) and Suomen Teollisuussijoitus Oy (32%) are supportive of the decision and of pursuing the investment. The final investment decision will be made after the investment plan is completed in the first half of 2023.

With the planned investment, the production capacity of Foamit Group’s foam glass will increase by approximately 20 percent. The capacity of the factory located in Onsoy near Fredrikstad in Norway will be doubled and the factory’s production will be almost emission-free in the future. In addition to adding new capacity, the investment will include the conversion of the current fossil fuel-run production lines to electricity-run production lines. The Onsoy factory uses renewable electricity in its operations.

“The planned investment strengthens Foamit Group’s position as the most important manufacturer of foam glass in the Nordic countries and one of the largest players in the field worldwide. Our manufacturing capacity will increase considerably and we will be in a better position to respond to the growing demand for foam glass in all our markets. We look forward to being able to offer infrastructure and real estate construction projects foam glass, which is produced in using renewable energy,” says Kalle Härkönen, CEO of Foamit Group.

Foam glass manufactured by Foamit Group is a circular economy product and a light building material that is made from the side stream of glass recycling. Foamit Group has operations in Finland, Sweden, Denmark and in Norway, where the company has two foam glass factories, one near Fredrikstad in Onsoy and the other in Skjåk.

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