Uusioaines Oy, a member of the Foamit Group, received EcoVadis Silver Rating for its sustainability

Press release 13 June 2023

Foamit Group is a circular economy company that works responsibly for the environment and people in Finland, Sweden and Norway. The company ensures that waste glass from business and consumer activities is efficiently and safely recycled. In addition to Uusioaines Oy in Finland, the Group also includes Hasopor AB in Sweden and Glasopor AS in Norway.

Every year, Uusioaines Oy receives around 80 000 tonnes of recycled glass, which is 70% of Finland’s recycled glass. The company uses it to produce raw material for the glass industry and foam glass aggregate for infrastructure and building construction. The Silver Rating recognition awarded to Uusioaines in the EcoVadis Sustainability and Social Responsibility Assessment means that the company is among the top 25% of companies assessed by EcoVadis. Uusioaines Oy’s score of 68/100 qualifies for the Silver Rating. The highest score of 70/100 was awarded to Uusioaines for its Environmental performance and its Labour & Human rights record.

“EcoVadis is an internationally renowned sustainability assessment, and we are delighted to have been recognised. This is a great testament to our sustainability work,” says Tiina Partanen, Foamit Group’s Head of Sustainability an PMO. “A thorough understanding of environmental impacts is the first step towards achieving our strategic environmental goals. We are open about the environmental impact of our products to help our customers and stakeholders in developing their own operations and environmental responsibility.”

“In addition, the third-party certificate is a proof to our long-term and successful commitment to sustainability work. Ecovadis also ensures to our customers and partners that our products and services meet their requirements. We are determined to improve the quality of our own operations and minimise our environmental impact. Foamit foam glass aggregate is an ecological choice: it is made from 99% recycled glass and have a low carbon footprint in its class. Sustainability is therefore at the core of our operations, and we promote it in all our activities”, Tiina Partanen summarises.

EcoVadis operates a platform allowing companies to assess the environmental and social performance of its suppliers on a global basis. The themes of the EcoVadis assessment include Environment, Labour & Human Rights, Ethics, and Sustainable Procurement.

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