Foamit is also suitable for traditional construction

Foamit foam glass aggregate – produced in Finland – also offers numerous advantages as a lightweight, insulating material in traditional construction.  It fits in well with the principles of sustainable development, which favour clean natural materials and avoiding harmful chemicals. 

Foam glass aggregate’s carbon footprint is low for its class.  It’s produced from 99% recycled glass and is suited for further reuse.  Foam glass doesn’t release toxic emissions into indoor air or the environment. It is a part of the Nordic Ecolabel product database and meets the M1 emission criteria for Joutsen-labelled buildings and construction materials.  

In addition to being ecological, Foamit is the lightest material in its class on the market. This is useful throughout transport, storage and handling. Its lightness reduces the stress on structures at the site. 

The good stackability of the foam glass granules makes it easy to handle throughout all stages of your project. The work is also made easier by its strong load-bearing capacity, which allows you to move around on the aggregate even before compaction. 

A traditional master guides the way 

“Perinnemestari” is a long-term project by Hannu Rinne. It’s based on his love for old houses and their proper restoration and maintenance. He offers information and guidance in this rea through websites, a television series, educational books and lectures, and more.  

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