A multi-purpose material for detached house construction 

Foamit foam glass aggregate is an excellent lightening and insulating material for detached house construction. Its applications include all types of building foundation methods, inner infills, rooftop structures, flat-roofed rooftop infills, slopes of flat roofs, frost protection, yard surfaces, and backfills. 

The properties of foam glass provide significant advantages in transport, storage and on site. It’s the lightest material in its class on the market, weighing just one fifth the equivalent amount of earth and stone. This reduces the stress on structures at the site. 

Good stackability also facilitates the handling of Foamit in different work phases. Once on site, it does not spread around – Foamit stays together without the need for separate support structures. Strong load-bearing capacity makes the project more efficient, as Foamit can be walked on even before it is compacted. At the same time, it forms a durable substrate for surface slabs, for example. 

Foamit is also an environmentally wise choice. It is produced from purified recycled glass, has a low carbon footprint for its class and contains no organic materials. 

Foamit contributes to reducing the carbon footprint of Godai’s eco-homes. 

The environmental friendliness of Godai’s eco-houses is ensured through a careful choice of materials. Foamit foam glass aggregate is used as a lightening agent in foundations. It has the advantage of being light, compactible and load-bearing – but also has a low carbon footprint. 


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